Bosch GSB 500 RE Drill Tool Kit & Review

Bosch GSB 500 RE is the best drill machine in 2021, Yes, It’s true as It is proved by doing a Deep research of Bosch GSB 500 RE. As you all know technology is increasing day by day. We are in the 20th century now.

So for you I have done a deep research to find the best drilling machine in Budget price. After doing a research I found that the Bosch GSB 501 is the best drill machine in 2020.  Lets know how :

Bosch GSB 500 RE Professional Impact Drill

1) Power Source Type :-

First of all, we will talk about power source type of Bosch GSB 500 Re which is Corded Electrical. Corded electric means, the installation of wires is very hard. the benefit of this, is to make the drill more powerful and compatible for home use. As it is shown in the image below :

power source of bosch gsb 500 re

2) Voltage and Weight :-

As compare to other drill machines, Bosch GSB 500 RE requires 220 volts to drill, As these voltages are easily available at home so its perfect to buy for home-use.

On the other hand, its weight is 2000 grams which makes it easy to handle and carry as compare to other heavy drills which are difficult to carry and handle.

volatge of bosch gsb 500 re

3) Speed and Dimensions :-

Speed of any drill machine is measure in the unit RPM. RPM stands for Revolutions Per Minute. Speed of Bosch GSB 500 re is 2600 RPM, which makes it more compatible for home-use.

On the other hand, because the dimensions of Bosch GSb 500 is 26.6 x 25.2 x 7.2 Centi-meters, it takes less space to be stored at home.

RPM of bosch gsb 500 re

4) Chuck Capacity and Impact Rate :-

Minimum Chuck capacity of Bosch GSb 501 is 1 mm while the maximum capacity is 10 mm. This chuck capacity is enough for home use, as more than 10 mm chuck capacity is only be needed by the factories and industries.

On the other hand, impact rate is 41,600 BPM. BPM stands for BLows Per Minute.

Impact Rate of bosch gsb 500 re

5) Drilling Capacity :-

Bosch GSB 500 RE has the following drilling capacities –

  1. 8 mm in steel.
  2.  10 mm in concrete.
  3.  20 mm in wood.
Drilling Capacity of bosch gsb 500 re

6) Latest Price

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